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Genovese pasta sauce from Naples!

Updated: May 12, 2020

rigatoni genovese pasta
Genovese sauce

Today we talk about Naples and of the Genoese sauce, properly called La Genovese. Genoese meat, the origin of the name: Genovese is called but it is not from the city of Genova. In Genoa the focaccia is certainly not stuffed and, in general, one does not see it as a Ligurian seven hours in front of the stove to cook onions. The Neapolitan, however, must be imagined in a house with all the windows wide open to make current and the hood to the maximum, with the tears that streak his cheeks and red eyes. In front of you, a kilo and a half of coppery, large, round onions to be peeled and finely chopped (or the red ones of Tropea) for each kilo of meat that you want to add for the recipe.

Simply: in the seventeenth century, in Naples, many Genoese hosts had settled in the city who used to cook meat in this way. A sort of recovery cuisine (however the cut is first quality), because from a piece of meat it is possible to obtain the sauce for the pasta and also the meat to eat separately, which after all those hours of cooking is a real wonder.

The cut of meat for the Genoese Podolica is called the bovine breed that is bred and consumed throughout the South. Originally from Ukraine area, around 1500 years ago... a long trip isn't it?

For the Genoese, in fact, you have to ask for the first cut of age. The annecchia is nothing more than the veal ('or vaccariello) and, given the goodness of this cut of meat, annecchia is a word that is also used to indicate something particularly good. Translated, the right part is the tip of the rump; but the whole rump and the lacerto (which would be the walker) are also good. Don't worry if you think you've messed up the names.We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere.

The Classic recipe

Of this meat sauce which is certainly not a simple meat sauce, but the maximal expression of the love that all Italians express when they decide to cook you something good.

Be careful, because maybe next time, instead of saying Ti Amo (I love you), maybe you'll put yourself in the kitchen and prepare a Genovese.

 Italian, Neapolitan cuisine  Preparation time 5 hours  Portions 6 people

The Genovese must to be creamy and shiny

INGREDIENTS 1 Kg young animal cut, tip of rump, rump, iron, and similar, do not use rib eye or tenderloin. 100 g butter 100 ml extra virgin olive oil 75 g lard (or add some pork belly) 100 g various cold cuts and ham (finely chopped) 2 carrots half a stick of celery 1,250 kg of onions 1 bunch of aromas made up mostly of basil, little rosemary (1 gram max)

2 bay leaves 1 spoon tomato paste 1 glass and a half dry white wine

salt and pepper


We can use marsala, port or cherry, long time ago all wines where "marsalati", basically because of the absence of preservatives or fridges, after few weeks, all wines where having that port-like taste. so feel free to use it.


INSTRUCTIONS Finely chop onions, lard, carrots, celery, herbs, salt and ham.

Tie the piece of meat and put everything in a saucepan with butter, oil, tomato, salt and pepper. Cover and cook over very low heat, stirring occasionally. After about an hour and a half, you have to uncover the pot and raise the heat to brown the meat.

From time to time stretch the sauce with a little water so that the meat is cooked and the mince has become a cream. After that, pour the wine and let it evaporate. -I like to add the wine as last thing- The sauce must have a dark color and must be shiny. Then you just have to cook the right pasta

Usually rigatoni or ziti or ziti rigati.

Several styles of pasta good for Genovese

Originally the meat was served separately, but i like to serve it with the pasta and Parmesan, as after 5 to 7 hrs cooking all becomes like a cream.

Few basil leaves will make the difference.

Enjoy your Genovese !!

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